Thursday, July 12, 2012

PyCon 2013 Talks I Would Like to See

This year I hope to encourage people to propose talks for PyCon 2013.  Here are some ideas if you need some encouragement:
  • Python in Chrome's NativeClient (PyPy anyone?)
  • Python in Android (and I don't mean SL4A)
  • Why Python 3.3 means you really want to move to Python 3
  • Using Salt States for dev ops
  • Using Salt to control a host of hosts
  • Python internals (take your pick)
  • "Java (hordes of libraries) + Python (duh) = Jython (awesome)"
  • something similar for IronPython and .NET
  • something about Cython's "Pure Python Mode"
  • security: what Python does and doesn't do well
  • threads vs. processes: how to decide between them for the job at hand
  • panel: packaging in Python
More as they come to me. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

Also, here are PyCon 2013 wishlists from others:

Monday, April 9, 2012

My PyCon Experience, 2012

PyCon 2008 in Chicago was my first one. I attended the main conference with some co-workers and it was nice. Last year I had the chance to go again (Atlanta), this time alone and for the full length of the conference. Every part of that conference exposed something new and remarkable to me, from the tutorials and the sweet community vibe on those days, to the awesomeness that is the sprints. My experience at PyCon last year was a revelation.

This year built on last year, and then some. I was able to go for the length of the conference, and participated in several new things. Here's where I tell you all about it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Speaking at PyCon

By some fluke I'm presenting 2 talks at PyCon:

Here's a page I've put together with advice for speakers at PyCon: