Thursday, July 12, 2012

PyCon 2013 Talks I Would Like to See

This year I hope to encourage people to propose talks for PyCon 2013.  Here are some ideas if you need some encouragement:
  • Python in Chrome's NativeClient (PyPy anyone?)
  • Python in Android (and I don't mean SL4A)
  • Why Python 3.3 means you really want to move to Python 3
  • Using Salt States for dev ops
  • Using Salt to control a host of hosts
  • Python internals (take your pick)
  • "Java (hordes of libraries) + Python (duh) = Jython (awesome)"
  • something similar for IronPython and .NET
  • something about Cython's "Pure Python Mode"
  • security: what Python does and doesn't do well
  • threads vs. processes: how to decide between them for the job at hand
  • panel: packaging in Python
More as they come to me. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

Also, here are PyCon 2013 wishlists from others: