Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PyCon 2014 Talks Wishlist

Last year I posted a list of talks I wished someone would give at PyCon 2013.  This is the PyCon 2014 version.  From my wishlist last year 2 of the talks actually happened.  The rest I'd still like to see so I'll include them here.  Feel free to take any of the ideas and run with them.  I'll gladly help anyone write a proposal, whether from my list or not, and see it through the process--I'm on the program selection committee.  FYI, the CFP isn't that far away!

Here are the repeats from last year:
  • Python in Chrome's NativeClient (PyPy anyone?)
  • Python in Android (and I don't mean SL4A) (kivy?)
  • Using Salt States for dev ops
  • Using Salt to control a host of hosts
  • Python internals (take your pick)
  • "Java (hordes of libraries) + Python (duh) = Jython (awesome)"
  • something similar for IronPython and .NET
  • something about Cython's "Pure Python Mode"
  • security: what Python does and doesn't do well
  • threads vs. processes: how to decide between them for the job at hand
And the new ones:
  • CPython's dict and set type implementations
  • CPython's list and tuple type implementations
  • CPython's memory management implementation
  • why the future looks bright for Python packaging
  • contributing to Python--it's not as hard as you think
I'll try to keep this updated at time marches on. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

Also, here are PyCon 2014 wishlists from others:

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Resources: (not active yet)

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